Sunday, April 20, 2014

Selecting Paint Cheat Sheet

Best Resource I have found for selecting paint colors!

I'm always surprised by the number of people who just seem to HATE painting.

But even before the brush hits the wall - the real stress seems to begin at picking a color.  There are infinite possibilities -- and it becomes a seemingly Herculian task just to figure out what color to go with.

So, when I found this resource I was really excited.  This "cheat sheet" helps steer you in the right direction by providing some AMAZING information.

Ways this resource helps:

  • Eliminate the "useless colors" like those that are too light or too dark based on what room you are painting - instantly cut your color choices by 80%
  • Identifies the colors that have seen the most complaints from consumers AFTER they used them
  • Helps you pick color names by brand - know what Sherwin Williams calls that purple you saw at a different store!
  • Provides examples of complimenting colors so you can use what you already have to help make a decision on your new or accent colors 
  • Assists with color selections based on lighting conditions - one of the most common homeowner regrets is how different the color looks in the store versus in home lighting conditions!
  • Printable color charts!  No more running to the store for paint swatches!!!
  • KIDS ROOM SUGGESTIONS!  Finally!!  Wish I had this about 2 years ago

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